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Noob Fall


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Noob Fall

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Downhill competitions will be held in the world of Minecraft. You in the game Noob Fall will help Noob win these competitions. In front of you on the screen will be visible to your character, who will stand on the edge of the mine. In his hands he will have a stick with two suction cups. On a signal, your hero will take a step forward and fly down gradually picking up speed. You will need to use the pole to slow down the speed of the fall of the Noob and make it controllable. But be careful. There will be traps and bombs in the walls. You will have to make sure that your hero does not get into them. If this happens, then Noob will get injured or die and you will lose the round.

Release Date

10 August 2022

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.00 (3 votes) • Played: 474 times


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