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Squid Game Swarm


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Squid Game Swarm

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A riot broke out at the Kalmar game. The participants, exhausted mentally and physically by the endless trials, ceased to adequately perceive the situation and moved in a crowd towards the robot girl in order to sweep her away. For some reason, it was she who seemed to them the main villain and the source of their troubles in Squid Game Swarm. Guards in red suits are placed not only to enforce the rules, but also to protect the robot. They have already prepared their weapons and are ready to shoot. The attackers are unarmed, but there are many of them, almost half a thousand, and they are running with their last strength. Even with a weapon alone against the crowd it is impossible to withstand. Therefore, other guards in Squid Game Swarm will help you.

Release Date

9 August 2022

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.25 (8 votes) • Played: 2,386 times


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