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Grizzy & the Lemmings: Yummy Run


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Grizzy & the Lemmings: Yummy Run

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Grizzly, together with his friends the lemmings, decided to arrange a funny race on the high-speed track. To do this, they built a vehicle from improvised means. Now is the time to test it on the road. In the game Grizzy & The Lemmings: Yummy Run, you will help the bear ride it with the breeze. Before you on the screen you will see a Grizzly sitting in a vehicle that will rush along the road gradually gaining speed. You will have to look closely at the track. It has many sharp turns that your hero will have to go through at speed under your guidance. He will also need to go around various obstacles located on the road and other vehicles that travel along it. If you do not have time to react to their appearance, an accident will occur and Grizzly will suffer.

Release Date

10 November 2021

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.29 (14 votes) • Played: 2,621 times


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