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New Kids Games > Action Games > Impostor

In the exciting new game Impostor, you and hundreds of other players will find yourself on a ship of the Among race. This spaceship travels in endless space, and its crew is trying to survive. There is an impostor among them and they need to stay on guard and try to find him. Each player will get control of one of the crew members. Someone can play as impostors. You will choose the Among race. Now your characters must go through the compartments of the ship and explore them. Entering each compartment, you must be ready for an attack. Also, when you are left alone with someone else, be prepared that this is an impostor. The impostor wants to kill everyone and will stop at nothing, even if that means sabotaging the ship. He is cunning and insinuating. He can hide in dark corners and wait for his victim, or suddenly jump out of the ventilation shaft and attack from behind. It is difficult to identify him among the crew members, unless he makes a mistake. So be careful!

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impostor, among us, action, space, timing, arcade, multiplayer

Added: 3 September 2021 | Played: 6,703 times