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Pin Water Rescue


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You will not wish anyone to endure a fire, this is a huge disaster that brings not only material losses, but also victims. In Pin Water Rescue, you help a poor girl save her home. Her house is located at the foot of the mountain and stands apart from the rest of the houses in the village, so it is rather difficult for firefighters to get to the fire site. The house is already burning with might and main and something urgently needs to be solved, and then the idea to use a mountain river appeared. If you redirect its flow a little, the water will extinguish the fire. To change the channel, you must move the pins, but be careful, if you do something wrong, the water will not pour over the house, but the girl is completely unhappy. A fire is not enough for her, so she can also drown from your wrong decision.

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fun, kids, girls, logic, rescue, pin, water

Added: 28 August 2021 | Played: 943 times